Hiske Oosterwijk (oostervibes)



‘Inhale a peaceful breeze, then exhale the love, calm.’

 ́This is a sentence out of one of the lyrics I wrote to Alex Sipiagin’s music. It’s my vision towards singing. To me, singing means relaxation and pure fun. I breath in and every note and sound that I create, make, comes with love. When I sing I want to touch the audience, inspire them, entertain them. To make that my job is a privilege, it’s the most beautiful job I can imagine. ́

Hiske Oosterwijk (1989) is a jazz vocalist, born and raised in Friesland. She started already with music in her early years, but was back then, more focused on theater.  ́Singing songs I enjoyed, but mostly in my bedroom ́. In high school she joined the music class and slowly discovered her passion for the voice, for singing. What seemed like a nice hobby, turned out to be the dream to make it her job. Hiske studied her bachelor in jazz vocals, as well as her master degree at the Prins Claus Conservatory, Groningen.

´Hiske is voice-technically very strong and this appears in her performance and repertoire, where you can see a flexible and versatile vocalist´ – Leeuwarder Courant.

Her interest in music is very wide, but she feels her best in jazz, chansons and pop/soul. She writes her own compositions and especially loves to write lyrics.  ́To create a story, to share my own story or the puzzle to find the right words to someone else ́s story, to me, is such a fascinating and beautiful thing to do ́. Hiske has participated in many projects, background choirs and did a lot of studio work. She has been collaborating with the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw and the Noordpool Orchestra. Aside from that she’s working together with the great trumpet player Alex Sipiagin in the New Path Quintet, with whom she toured in many different countries and with whom she released two albums.

´I’ve experienced a driven, very motivated and hard working musician. Always eager to learn and grow to a higher musical level´ – Alex Sipiagin.

Next to this she has several other projects. One of them is EVA, with whom she stood in the finals of The Records – Keep an eye Foundation 2014, released an album in 2016 (label Harmonia Mundi) and with whom she won the 2017 Concours de la Chanson.Second, is StereoBass with whom she recently released an album on the Russian label Rainy Days Records. Third is a duo formation together with guitarist Job Posthuma and fourth the project Perfect Storm which she recently joined.

Aside from music, Hiske also found her way back into the theatre.

Since 2009 Hiske teaches vocals, individual and workshops.



Perfect Storm, StereoBass, New Path Quintet, Job & Hiske

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Jazz, Pop

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